🔥Hot Sale🔥 2.5kg Manually Caught Australian Lobster – Fresh And Fast Delivery – Guarantee Fresh Taste
Limit to one item per person
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
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🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster
🔥Hot Sale🔥  Australian lobster

🔥Hot Sale🔥 Australian lobster

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Indulge in a delicious seafood dinner


Due To The Amazing Production Of Australian Lobsters This Year, We Decided To Sell Australian Lobsters At The Lowest Price In Return For Everyone’s Love For Us.

The Price Of Australian Large Lobsters Is Cut Today, With A Limit Of 1000, Handmade Snorkeling And Freshness Guaranteed!!!

Limit 5 Australian Lobsters Per Person

Please note! ! ! The first batch of lobsters has been sold out, and we are fishing for the second time. Due to the large number of orders, we are currently speeding up the delivery for everyone. Since we ship the goods after fishing on the spot, we cannot guarantee that the delivery time will be very fast. Our delivery is cold chain transportation. Don’t worry, we will arrange delivery for you as much as possible within 7 days!

Nature Conservation Clause:

We Promise To Catch Only Adult Lobsters, Weighing More Than 2kg, Never Catch Below 2kg!!!
We Will Invest 10% Of The Income From The Sale Of Lobsters Into The Protection Of Nature/sea/animals!!!



Each Of Our Australian Lobsters Weighs At Least 2.5kg (with An Error Of 0.1-0.2kg)

Australian Lobster-2 live Australian lobstersonly $39.99
Australian Lobster-3 live Australian lobstersonly $57.99
Australian Lobster-4 live Australian lobstersonly $67.99
Australian Lobster-5 live Australian lobsters (1 Free Gift)-Quantity 6only $79.99  – The Most Popular Package, The Purchase Is More Affordable

The Products Sold In This Shop Are All Manually Harvested To Ensure Fresh And Live Delivery!!!

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Fast Returns>> 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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Our Australian Lobsters Are Full Of Meat, Refreshing, With A Sweet Taste, This Is The Taste From Nature

Whether You Use It For Barbecue, Cooking, Salad, Etc., It Is The Best Choice

The Australian Large Lobsters We Sell Have A Body Weight Of 2.5kg (with An Error Of 0.1-0.2kg), And We Will Only Catch Adult Lobsters

【Large Lobster from Australia】Australian lobster is rich in nutrients, its flesh is soft and easy to digest. It is an excellent food for people who are weak and need to be nursed after illness. And it is rich in magnesium. Magnesium has an important regulating effect on heart activity and can well protect the cardiovascular system. It can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, prevent arteriosclerosis, and at the same time expand the coronary arteries, which helps prevent hypertension and Myocardial infarction;

Our Australian Lobsters Are All Caught In Australia By Our Professional Fishermen, Ensuring 100% Wild Freshness

All Exclusive Species From The West Coast Hemisphere Of Australia, Absolutely The Best Among Lobsters

In Order To Ensure The Food Intake Every Time And The Lobster Meat Experience, We Only Catch Large Australian Lobsters Of 2kg-2.5kg, So Every Lobster We Sell Is Very Good

Product Name: Australian Lobster
Product Category: Fresh
Storage method: frozen below -18℃, please consume the fresh products as soon as possible after receipt


Customer questions and answers
Question: Is the lobster pure Australian lobster?
Answer: Yes, the lobsters you buy are all from Australia, and we fish them manually;
Question: What distribution will ensure the freshness of the lobster?
Answer: We use the most advanced seaside preservation technology to ensure that the lobsters are fresh and alive within a week, and there will be no death;
Question: Why is your lobster so cheap?
Answer: Our lobsters are all caught by ourselves snorkeling, so they are much cheaper than Australian lobsters on the market;

The Number Of Manual Fishing Is Limited, Please Buy As Soon As Possible!!!

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